Thursday, November 4, 2010

On the road again!

Old Glory in all her glory! Glorious!!!
This is what I looked like in my old driveway. It is the photo that made my new people come get me!
Hello. My name is Old Glory, at least that is what they started calling me. A few months ago I was lonely and bored and unattached. I hadn't had any company for a looooong time. I think it was since the 70's. Until one day these people came over with a weird looking dog they refer to as Ghandi the Dingo.  Next thing I knew I was being hooked up to a Toyota 4runner and riding down the road. First stop was about 5 minutes later where I was hooked up to a hose and my tires got a lift. Felt like being injected with botox! WOW was it cool going down the road again! I had really gotten my hopes up and thought I was going to the campground and I ended up in yet another driveway! Sheesh! Here are some pictures of me in my new driveway.

Yep, that's me!
So anyway, like I said I thought I was finally going camping but ended up on just another piece of pavement. My hopes were dashed. The people who brought me here  just kept going on and on and on about all my faults and shortcomings while they walked around and inspected every visible inch of me. Now I know I am no spring chicken and yes I have seen better days but come on! And all I could do was sit and listen.
Then it happened! I heard them say they were going to shine up my wings, paint my body, get me some new teardrop lights...they even said they were going to have my eyebrows done! But that is not even the best of it! They said they were going to do all this so that someone would someday be able to take me out camping and I would be the talk of the whole campground! Ha! Hey all you ritzy, high faluting, rv's, campers, and travel trailers who have laughed at me while I sat in my old driveway and you were being towed on your way by with your happy families.....I am getting a facelift and you are going to wish you were me.
I know it's true cause I heard them tell that dog they call Ghandi and for some reason I don't get the feeling they would lie to her!

So, here is how my tale is told...
One of the first things I remember is when these new driveway people started tearing me apart. I admit, I had let myself go and it felt good to get rid of some of that stuff that really wasn't doing me any good anyway. Like my door. What a mess it was! Someone had lost my keys on my Bargman 66 lock and tried to pry me open. Well, the end result wasn't pretty. I heard the driveway people (who I will refer to as dwp's from now on) talk about how hard it would be to get another door. Here is a visual for you:
Next thing I knew they took my door right off, hinges and all. There was a fine looking gentleman of a travel trailer next to me and I just felt so naked!
The dwp's ripped open my door to my bones, which they referred to as the framing. 
Finally that buzzing in my ears is gone. They removed all my bee's nests! From my door the skin was removed and I got some new bones and reinforcements.

Those are the man dwp's hands. He is giving me a massage I think.

My aluminum door frame was corroded and that was polished up as well! And since the chances of getting a door replacement were not good the dwp's worked hard to make the one I already had look better. Here I am today:
Looks better than it did! I heard the dwp's talk about painting it with chrome but since they are planning on adopting me out they decided this was best left up to the future owner. Something about hating it when you get something someone else had and they painted over chrome. It is what it is...

Another thing they did was give me an inner butt lift. Check this out!

This was me when I arrived.

Yep, I got the vintage camper disease called leakatosis of the windows.

My dwp's were glad that any major damage was only in the back window and front side windows. Heard them say I was lucky!

See my old light fixture just a hanging there in the right corner? More on that later!

 They ripped me apart and put in new bones where needed. Said they got lucky that most of the framing was still so solid!
Here it comes!!!

He is massaging me again!

Wow this feels good!
 Now don't tell the dwp's I told you this, but they had to put up my lower back birch twice. And it is not easy fitting the birch in my intricate little spaces from the inside ya know! Why did they do it twice you ask? Because as soon as they got done the first time they said "Wait...we have to put in insulation! I guess they got ahead of themselves. I don't blame em. It was pretty exciting. Good thing they didn't pound any nails yet!
 My lady dwp sanded the walls down and gave me nice new shiny shellac. It took more coats on my new inner skin to make it match. On my old skin she was able to sand out most of those old scratches and boy oh boy do I look good now!
 I heard the lady dwp admiring me and then all she could focus on was the negative again. I guess the crack in my scalloped shelf was a bit of an eyesore but still, I hadn't felt this good in years!
 Just so happened she had another scalloped shelf face. So she took the old one off and...

 She fitted me with a freshly sanded new one. You should have heard her complain about fitting in the welting though! I am beginning to think these dwp's will never be satisfied. (Note the light just a hanging in the above picture)

 Here I am with my new scalloped shelf! All done! Oh, and that ceiling light. The man dwp took it down when I came here. It was a mess as you can imagine. He cleaned it all up and it sure do look nice! It is original and he loved the fact that the lens is glass. Something about everything is from China nowadays and is plastic and how I am so much better than any new trailer on the market cause I am built right! . Here are close ups of my two new lights:

 The lady dwp sanded down my bed board that pulls out and shellaced that too.

I was missing the other board so the man dwp went and got some wood, cut it down to fit and it too was shellaced to match.

Perfect fit!! Good thing too cause I remember one time when something didn't fit and the dpw's saying something like "measure twice cut once".

There is lot's more to tell...but Old Glory has to get her beauty rest! Until next time, pleasant dreams of beautiful Shastas!


  1. Great pictorial and web did a beautiful job. Wish that I could afford to buy her right now, I would be proud to own her.

  2. Great blog and so well written!! My friend and I have 5 of the little gems in our new rental pool..we are just beginning and I will link our new blog when I get it up and running. You've done an excellent job and I look forward to more postings.

  3. Beautiful job, but I enjoyed the story from the trailer's point of view. Adorable!!!
    Doc Hansen