Friday, November 5, 2010

Extreme "home" Makeover!

Hello again! Boy oh boy it is a sad day in this driveway. Not only because it is wet & rainy but I heard my dwp's talking about the home stretch. I was pulled up and they took pictures of me. Something about how it is getting to be winter and I need to get ready to leave. Anyway, I got an exterior makeover. Not quite done but it is rainy and painting without a garage in rain is supposedly impossible. I still need my hitch and bumper painted but I sure do look like I could turn some heads the way I am! Heard the dwp's talk about how if they don't get to it before I find a family it would be something the new fam could do. Also heard 'em say how there is always something to do and you have to prioritize your time and efforts. They sure are hard to satisfy!
Anyway, here is my transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful winged beauty queen. First they took everything off of me, lights, license plate holder, windows, vents, wings, you name it and it was gone. And I thought I felt naked before! Then when the dwp's started I ended up looking worse than when I came. I sure was worried and a lil embarrased especially with that cute boy trailer sitting next to me the whole time.

Here is my streetside and front!

Those wings sure did cause quite a stir with my dwp's. My man dwp spent lots of time on my first one and then the lady dwp told him about mother's polish. He went out and bought something similar called Diamond Bright Truck Box Polish and boy did that make life a whole lot easier when it came to shining my aluminum. Someday, my windows should be done but the eyebrows are shiny and so are those glorious wings! Right about now....I believe I can fly!!!

Here is a before and after photo of my original wings!
Here is the finished curbside!

And the finished streetside.When the lady dwp looked at this pic she said "we need to fix our garage". She sure does know how to ruin a moment!
I also have new teardrop lights but my dwp's still need to get my rear lights.That boy trailer that sits next to me is really starting to notice me! When the dwp's are inside at night, he whisper's oh so sweet nothing's in my ear! Boy oh boy this new driveway sure is making me feel like a whole new woman! On to my insides cause even though they say so beauty is not skin deep!

Here is my ceiling vent. Yep, I also had ceilingventitis when I arrived!

Dwp's were surprised that the supports were in okay condition!

And they also scored an original hehr replacement for me!

My man dwp decided to double up the support going along the width of the camper. Something about us Shasta's always sagging here. I told him to give it a few more years and he would be sagging too! Don't think he heard me though!

He used red oak for the ceiling joists cause it is strong and will last. Oh, I think I am going to be around to pass vintage and become an antique!

This is before he put the short lengthwise supports up to frame the vent. The lady forgot to get a picture of that!

Now I have a new ceiling and new vent.

The lady replaced the screen for my vent. Apparently not such an easy thing to do. They sure did make things hard to do back then!

Okay, would you like to see my gorgeous completed inner rear end? I knew you would! 
Here is my bed all pulled out. The lady dwp used a futon mattress.

Here I am with the bed turned into a couch.

The lady dwp made me some nice yellow polka dotted curtains.

Here I am with my hammock pulled out.

I sure do hope that someday two lil one's will be up there just a laughing and a giggling and driving their parents nuts!

The canvas isn't perfect but it is original and that has to count for something!

My old floor was in pretty bad shape as far as the tiles go. You know, old, dirty and coming up. My floor underneath was really quite beautiful in condition. The process of getting to the floor underneath is a whole other story.
Here is my man dwp hard at work scraping up tile.

My lady had already begun sanding the cupboards as you can see from this picture.

This stuff made a mess and once again I thought I looked worse than when they started.

The lady found some vintage looking tiles to match me and the man went to get them.

The lady put them down on the floor to make me feel better about how awful I looked. Once again, sans tiles...I felt naked. At least that boy trailer next to me couldn't sneak an inside glance!

Look at me look at me look at me now!

It's fun to have fun you just have to know how!

It wasn't fun until the dwp's got to this point.

But it sure was fun seeing them smile when they finished laying tile!
My dwp's still have to put down the trim along the floor edge and I heard talk about waxing and buffing to bring out the shine. I remember when my old floor shined. Sure was long ago. Can't wait to get there again!
That is all for now. Next time I hope to show you my dinette and the kitchen and the curbside closet area! For now I think I will get some rest. All this change sure is tiring! Until next time pleasant dreams of beautiful Shasta's!


  1. Lynn and Jim RobertsNovember 9, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    I enjoyed looking at your restoration pictures! We also have a 1963 Airflyte that was in amazingly great condition when we bought it, not used for awhile, but only minor work was needed. And as much as I hate to admit it, I feel like we robbed the person we bought it from! We only paid $400 for our little beauty. It was painted Packer gold and green (we live in Wisconsin), but is now light blue and white. We removed the original heater and now use portable electric heat, we installed a small air conditioner in the back window that we remove for colder weather...
    (remember...Wisconsin). All the unholstery is original...the stove looks like it had never been cooked on. We did replace the flooring when we removed the heater and used a parquet wood look vinyl tile. Other than that, we did nothing else. We have it parked on a gorgeous lake in southeastern WI and we go there as much as we can. If I could figure out how to post pictures, I would show you our little found treasure of a camper! Lynn Roberts (

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog!

  3. Wow that looks much better. nice work

  4. We bought a Shasta exactly like that in 1976 and the wife and I and four kids, 5 to 14 hit the road. California, Canada, New England and Florida. Best trips of our lives and memories our family have cherished ever since. A few years later we upsized to a bigger trailer with a bathroom and all but it was never the same. Beautiful job you've done. I will check back......Bill Darpel, Middlefield Ohio